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Time selection add-on

TimeSelector is a component that enables simple selection of the time using a circle. All parts except for the circle selector can be themed using css to get the look and feel that one needs.

The circle selector is supports both desktops and mobiles.


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BetaReleased 27 December 2021Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin platform 14+
Also supported:
Vaadin 7 (1.2.1)Vaadin 8 (2.0.1)
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Release notes - Version 14.0.0-beta1

Updated version of the TimeSelector add-on component for v14.8+

Beta1 adds only basic 24h feature for the TimeSelector.

CircleSelector new feature from older versions is:

Colors can be themed with css, for instance using the element API:

final Style style = circleSelect.getElement().getStyle();
style.set("--circle-inside", "GhostWhite");
style.set("--circle-selector", "Indigo");
style.set("--circle-selector-dot", "RebeccaPurple");
style.set("--circle-text", "SpringGreen");