JSP Integration | Vaadin

Tag library to render Vaadin UIs in JSP-based views.

JSP Integration is a Vaadin 7 add-on that allows you to render Vaadin UIs in JSP pages.


  1. Implement a new Vaadin UI by extending com.vaadin.ui.UI.

  2. Configure a new VaadinServlet in your web.xml or by using the @WebServletannotation.

  3. Make sure you can access the Vaadin UI when running your application. This includes ignoring the URL mapped to the VaadinServlet in other Servlets or Filters (see the appfuse-vaadin-example application which integrates Spring, Hibernate, Struts2, and Vaadin).

  4. In your JSP file, add the tag library and use the ui tag to point to the URL mapped to the VaadinServlet:

    <%@taglib prefix="vaadin" uri="/vaadin" %>

    <vaadin:ui url="/myui"/>

  5. Optionally specify a custom widgetset and a theme:

    <vaadin:ui url="/myui" widgetset="com.example.MyUiWidgetset" theme="mytheme"/>


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