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JFreeChart wrapper for Vaadin

Vaadin 6-8 compatible component to display charts generated by the popular JFreeChart library




TIP: see also the Vaadin 10+ compatible version of this add-on.

JFreeChart is very popular java library for building complex charts. This add-on contains a component that can display JFreeChart built chart on Vaadin application.

In browser charts are rendered as SVG making charts very sharp when pringing. For IE (that does not support SVG) charts are rendered as PNG raster image.

Note! The JFreeChart library is LGPL licenced. All other required libraries are neither Apache 2 licenced. Apache2 license is only for the wrapper code.

Responses for comments (waiting eagerly for this feature to Directory):

  • Mark, I guess you just used the online demo? It had a very old development build of Vaadin and died because of bug there. Online demo now updated.
  • Marcos, relative sizes work now to some extend. Well if rendered as SVG, blurry in IE (bitmap scaling). Integration with SvgComponent should resolve this issue.


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Version 2.5

  • project built with maven, dependencies should be supa easy to handle for maven users
  • SVG now served for IE9

Version 2.4

  • Portlet2 support (thanks to Miku Laitinen)

Version 2.3

  • better documentation for relative size related methods
  • fixed issue with svgAspectRatio (only worked by overriding the getter)

Version 2.2

  • added support for relative sizes including methods to modify rendering to relative sized component:
    • setGraphWidth/Height(int pixels)
    • setSvgAspectRatio(String aspectRatio)

Version 2.1

  • added possibility to gzip SVG graphs if global compression is not enabled in server
  • removed dependencies, now following libraries required: (1) batik-awt-util.jar (2) batik-svggen.jar (3) batik-util.jar (4) batik-xml.jar (5) jcommon.jar (6) jfreechart.jar
Apache License 2.0


Vaadin 6.6+
Vaadin 6.2+ in 2.2
Vaadin 6.0+ in 2.0
Vaadin 7.0+ in 3.0.0
Vaadin 8.0+ in 4.0.0
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

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