Vaadin Components Designer

JaVaDe is an acronym for Java Vaadin Designer.

It's a web application to design a Project UIs and maintain all visual and development related aspects details on the server.

A powerful Java Code Generator (JCG) prepares and packages all Components, following some standard patterns to facilitate the development of a Vaadin application.

The server exposes a REST API that can be used to generate, download and unpack a Project directly in your preferred Java IDE; the following REST call will return a MyJaVaDeProject.jar with all Components:

There are also REST services to download the Java Source (uncompiled), some templates sources or a dump of the Project:

The last version has also some new and powerful features to handle Forms. You can give a Form name to a subtree of a Component and some code to work with all Fields found in the Form is generated.

Another very useful Component is the ETable; you can already define the Columns for your table and some (typesafe!) code to fill the table is generated.

The CodeSnippets can be used to quick start working with the generated code.

The application and the generated code are used since many years for a lot of projects and are stable and reliable. Multiple Vaadin versions can be managed and the code can be compiled with Java 6, 7 or 8.

For the installation and basic usage please refer to the readme.txt file in the


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StableReleased 25 August 2017GNU General Public License v3.0 only
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Vaadin 7.6+
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Release notes - Version 7.7.10b