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FieldBinder Add-on

An advanced FieldGroup implementation with support for automated generation of Master/Detail forms.

The FieldBinder add-on is an advanced FieldGroup implementation.


  • A FieldBinder<T> binds to a Java Bean, like a BeanFieldGroup
  • Managed Fields (built using build()) can be always bind()'ed and unbind()'ed; the FieldBinder will always keep track of them
  • A FieldBinder can build() and bind() a component that displays a bean property even when it is a List
  • A FieldBinder can be bound to a Container. The DataNavigation interface provides commands to move an internal pointer to the next, previous, first and last Item in the Container (the Container must implement Container.Ordered: most Container implementations do, since it is required by Table)
  • The DataNavigation interface provides commands to scan through a dataset and retrieving the Item that it points to.
  • The DataNavigation interface provides standard behavior for performing CRUD operations (and, experimentally, lookup operations), which can be extended through a regular, Vaadin-style listener mechanism
  • FieldBinder comes with standard built-in CRUD for the ListContainer and the Lazy Mongo Container. The ListContainer should already cover most Java Bean use-cases, including JPA. Support for the Vaadin's official JPAContainer is under development.
  • The ButtonBar component (and its relatives, NavButtonBar, CrudButtonBar, FindButtonBar) may be bound to a DataNavigation and automatically generate buttons for user interactions (automatic shortcut key bindings will come soon!)
  • ButtonBars are i18n compliant through the standard Java ResourceBundle mechanism
  • The ListTable and BeanTable wrappers augment Vaadin's regular Table with default behavior for basic CRUD.


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BetaReleased 17 March 2015Apache License 2.0
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Vaadin 7.3+
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Release notes - Version 1.4

Many bug fixes and cleanup in internal interfaces