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A MenuBar named as CustomMenuBar and MenuItems are having close/remove button.

CustomMenuBar MenuItems known as CustommenuItem are having close button.

To achieve the close/remove functionality user has to fire setClosable(true); to the CustomMenuItem.

Every CustomMenuItem are having ItemClickListener.

To achieve ItemClick functionality user has to fire setItemClickable(true); to the CustomMenuItem.

By default the removing of MenuItem will not work.

User has to remove or do some stuff on the close click event.

A ItemCloseClickListener is available to achieve the close click event.

MenuBar can be used to have the multiple nativeselect component.


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ExperimentalReleased 07 December 2015Apache License 2.0
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Vaadin 7.3+
Browser Independent
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Release notes - Version 1.2

Over the MenuItem(CustomMenuItem) 1 methods added..

setCheckAll(boolean) : Param "true", if the item will be used as a checkAll button.