Web components that can do the splits

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Web components that can do the splits.

xtal-splitting.js takes a search string, and splits up the textContent into spans, which can be styled to show where the matching text is.

Demo via webcomponents.org

  <p-d on="input" prop="search" val="target.value"></p-d>
  <script type="module" src="https://unpkg.com/p-d.p-u@0.0.114/p-d.js?module"></script>
  <script type="module" src="https://unpkg.com/xtal-splitting@0.0.10/xtal-split.js?module"></script>
``` -->

Install the Polymer-CLI

First, make sure you have the Polymer CLI and npm (packaged with Node.js) installed. Run npm install to install your element's dependencies, then run polymer serve to serve your element locally.

Viewing Your Element

$ polymer serve

Running Tests

$ npm test


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ImportedReleased 07 March 2019MIT License
Framework Support
Browser Independent
Install with
npm install xtal-splitting"@0.0.9"
Run the above npm command in your project folder. If you have any issues installing, please contact the author.
Release notes - Version 0.0.9


  • xtal-element#0.0.30