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Fast and Lightweight Ace Editor ( for Vaadin 14 & 23

Ace Editor for Vaadin 14 & 23

Even more embeddable and lightweight Vaadin Add-On - Ace - The High Performance Code Editor

Frontend is based on lit-ace created by myself

Version Guide

(1.x: Built for Vaadin 14 (with Java 8) extends AbstractSinglePropertyField)
2.x: Built for Vaadin 14 (with Java 8) extends Component (LTS)
3.x: Built for Vaadin 23 (with Java 11) extends Component

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StableReleased 28 June 2022MIT License
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Vaadin platform 23
Browser Independent
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Release notes - Version 3.1.2

3.1.2 (2022-06-28)


If you find this component usefull, I would really appreciate a rating here or a star on the GitHub Repository.

For Issues and Feature Requests please visit ace/issues on GitHub.

For any questions and problems while migrating to v3.0.0 please join the v3.0.0 Discussion on GitHub.