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Vaadin related OS projects

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Vaadin Directory contains over 500 extensions and helpers related to Vaadin. But there are lots of other Vaadin related OS projects that are not, cannot be published there. If you come up with a Vaadin related OS projects that might be helpful for others, feel free to list them on this page - especially if they are not listed in the Directory. Hopefully we could collect most essential resources here for new Vaadin developers.

Libraries, helpers, build tools #

Vaadin4Spring #

Modern fresh start for Spring integrations. Upcoming versions will be based on the official Spring integration from Vaadin Ltd., but this project will still be relevant with its various extensions.

License: Apache 2

Viritin WidgetSet CDN #

A cloud service to compile and host your Vaadin widgetset. Delegates probaly most annoying tasks in Vaadin development to a free cloud service and also hosts your widgetset efficiently and keeps your war file size small. Most often widgetset is already available and "widgetset compilation" in your build only takes the time of one REST call. Excellent for rapid development and prototyping!

License: Apache 2 (build plugin)

JVx Application Framework #

With JVx Application Framework you can build your UI just once and deploy it to Web, Mobile and Desktop. JVx runs web UI with Vaadin, Desktop UI with Swing and Mobile UI with native Android or iOS. JVx follows the single-sourcing principle and doesn't generate additional application code. 

License: Apache 2

Vaadin on Grails #

The developer efficiency of Groove on Grails and Vaadin, combined.

Vaadin built projects, example projects #

List projects that might be helpful, e.g. as architectural samples for other Vaadin users.

Java EE example project #

Example project that could be a starting point for a larger Java EE app. Vaadin, Java EE, JPA, Apache Shiro, Vaadin CDI, CDI events, MVP...

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