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UK Financial and insurance

AR-12 is a comprehensive debt management and enforcement system, designed to manage the client's entire business efficiently and intelligently. In brief, the system manages the legally-approved collection of debts (from parking tickets etc.) by a fleet of field agents that visit the debtors to take payments. AR-12 sorts and automatically evaluates client cases according to history, socio-economic status, location, property, and vehicle data and then calculates the optimal time for an agent to visit the debtor. By combining the real-time GPS locations of agents in the field and the scoring data on cases, AR-12 then allocates the cases to bailiffs in real time, amending bailiffs' schedules on-the-fly as new and urgent cases come in. Field agents update the central systems on their progress using a custom-built Android app and controllers in the head office monitor control screens that automatically flag issues and cases for human attention. The system has delivered almost a 50% increase in productivity since go-live.

AR-12 was developed on Haulmont's CUBA platform. CUBA uses Vaadin for UI – Haulmont had investigated various technologies to run JavaScript in-browser with no installation and found that Vaadin provided the most flexible API for use with the CUBA platform. "CUBA uses Vaadin for UI – we had investigated various technologies to run Rich Internet Applications. Vaadin provided the most powerful functionality and flexible API to integrate JavaScript with the platform.  

"We specialise in building highly complex, smart decision-making enterprise systems via our Java-based CUBA platform. Vaadin works perfectly with CUBA to deliver a massive boost in productivity by vastly speeding up our interface development and giving us a very flexible tool to integrate Javascript with the platform."
- Alistair Laycock, Director Haulmont Technology -

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Haulmont Technology is a software development consultancy with offices in London, UK and Samara, Russia. With around 80 developers based in Samara, Haulmont creates bespoke enterprise IT systems that offer high scalability and flexibility, based upon CUBA, the company's proprietary JAVA-based development platform. Haulmont is a specialist in designing auto allocation and smart decision-making systems for clients including JBW Group and Addison Lee, Europe's largest minicab company. Alongside our bespoke development the company also offers Thesis, a comprehensive task and document management solution and is soon to launch a fully featured booking and dispatch system for the taxi industry.