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my add-ons for Vaadin

List of my "Community Friday" projects (partly hobbies, partly work) and applications:

AppletIntegration- Full integration kit for Java Applets and Vaadin applications.

CollectionContainer - The simple way of filling Vaadin data-bound components like Select and Table.

Console - The command line interface (or CLI) for your Vaadin applications. More instructions here.

Notifique - A nicer way to show user notifications.

Overlays - Place image, text, etc overlays for Vaadin components.

TubeTunes - Play your favourite videos from YouTube with a web interface like iTunes.

These are just some of the small applications I've made with Vaadin and IT Mill Toolkit. Search Vaadin Directory or the forums for more apps and widgets and info.


Sami Ekblad

DelayedButton 03/09/17 08:24 by Sami Ekblad

Flip 02/14/16 11:40 by Sami Ekblad

Idle 09/11/15 09:54 by Sami Ekblad

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