Matti Tahvonen - a Vaadin geek like no other

Daily work: developer advocate

My current job at Vaadin is technical marketing. Although I work at the marketing department, I most often have IDE (or two) open on my workstation. I'm writing technical tutorials various integration examples related to Vaadin, and build lots of other related marketing stunts around those. Follow our blog and youtube channel for some of my content.

I'll try help you as a community member to be as productive as possible with Vaadin. If you for example have a technology you'd like to use with Vaadin, but can't find any example projects, I might be interested to build an example of it with you.

Contact me

Although my job is to help you, I'm not giving any help or consultancy for free via email. If you ask some Vaadin related support directly from me, I'm always guiding you to our helpful public forum. There the answers will help others in the future. Once you have a question there, and think that I would have a special insight for the issue, just ping me with twitter or email about the topic. If you have NDA stuff and want private help, or just need it urgently, Vaadin Ltd has great support support service you should get.

In other Vaadin related things (technical marketing collaboration, topic ideas, interesting Vaadin related libraries etc.), feel free to contact me via:

What else?

When not working (which probably happens too rare), I enjoy my life most in outdoor activities. And it sure is a pleasure to be an outdoor person in Finland. We have great forests all over the country and a nice archipelago close to Turku. I am doing endurance sports (orienteering, cc skiing, jogging, mountain biking, tour skating), hiking, hunting, fishing, sailing, wind surfing and waterskiing.

In orienteering I am also a coach and active member in Paimion Rasti. Organizing workouts and competitions sometimes feels a more like a nice job instead of a hobby.

Below is my workout diary which I try to keep updated weekly.