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Me? I'm the guy responsible for all the bundled themes that come with Vaadin, and pretty much for all the CSS too. That doesn't mean I'm not responsible for some of the peculiarities found in the GWT code, though.

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The power of design

It's over

JavaOne is almost over, only the final party left to see for me. Some sessions are still underway, but I'm just had the exhibitor pass, so no fancy sessions for me. I actually didn't go to the Moscone center today at all. I'm feeling a bit ill at the moment so I thought it might be best to just stay in the hotel for today and rest.

What you get with a little more effort

If you haven't followed the success story of our JavaOne booth for the last few days, here's quick recap.

We started with 1500 Books of Vaadin on monday. On tuesday, a rough estimate of 800 were left. The interest probably exceeded everyone's expectations. On wednesday and today the pile of books looked kind of pathetic, amounting to few dozens only. We didn't actually hand out every piece, 40 books were saved to be given away at another conference in Finland next week.

Our booth design got many thanks and admirations as well, a few people actually called the coolest one in the whole conference. You can see a picture of our booth at Sami's Flickr page. The minimalism and clear design of it drew people in, but I think it was actually the books that finally got people to approach us. It provided enough to start the conversation, and people were pretty eager to have an actual book as a take-away.

So we spent a few thousand euros more this year on the design of the brand, booth and the product, and in return got much more attention and praise for our efforts. It always seems so obvious afterwards, but before the conference doors opened, I think we all had our own suspicions about the reactions we would face with the new brand and booth.

Back to Finland

Well, I think I'm finished already. I could tell a whole lot more about the conference and San Francisco overall, but I'm feeling too bored right now to right anymore. So I'll be off, back to Finland on sunday. After that, three weeks of vacation in the countryside with my loved ones. What could be better.

When I return to work, I'll start planning for more quality posts about CSS and the stuff I mentioned in the earlier post.

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