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I have been asked to speak about Vaadin Framework in various forums. During the years, the presentation has evolved to include an overview on the Server-side RIA architecture, application development demo and discussion on Vaadin architecture. The presentation is still evolving from conference to conference. On this page I have collected some additional materials and pointers related to the presentation.



The presentation has been created in Apple Keynote. Please find the "sources" for the presentation below and feel free to use them as basis for your own Vaadin related presentations:

Extra material


Some of the past presentations

  • Java Forum, Nov 2009, Göteborg, Sweden
  • Java Forum, Dec 2009, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Czech Java User Group, Dec 2009, Prague
  • Qcon London, Mar 2010, UK
  • TheServerSide Java Symposium 2010, Las vegas, USA
  • GeeCon 2010 Poznan, Poland
  • JavaZone 2010 Oslo, Norway
  • Magnolia Conference 2010, Basel, Switzerland
  • Soft-Shake 2010, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Devoxx 2010, Antwerp, Belgium (largest presentation this far with > 500 person audience)
  • Jfokus 2011, Feb 2011, Stockholm, Sweden
  • OUG Harmony, May 2011, Helsinki, Finland
  • JEEConf, May 2011, Kiev, Ukraine
  • GeekOut Conference, May 2011, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Java Forum Stuttgart, July 2011, Stuttgart, Germany (voted to be the best presentation of the conference)
  • OSCON Java, July 2011, Portland, Oregon, USA
  • JavaOne, Oct 2011, San Francisco, CA, USA (selected as one of the top "Rock Star" presentations in the conference)
  • Deutsche Telekom & JUG Darmstadt, Nov 2011, Germany
  • Øredev, Nov 2011, Malmö, Sweden
  • Java Developer Conference, March 2012, Cairo, Egypt
  • 33rd Degree Conference, March 2012, Krakow, Poland
  • Codemotion, March 2012, Rome, Italy
  • Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise, Apr 2012, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Jazoon, June 2012, Zurich, Switzerland
  • JAX San Francisco, July 2012, San Francisco, CA, USA

Upcoming presentations

  • "Vaadin 7" at Devoxx, Nov 2012, San Francisco, CA, USA

(If you would like to have the presentation at your conference, please drop me an email)

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Posted on 3/12/10 9:31 AM.
Hi, I'm evaluating Vaadin in my Master Thesis - Vaadin is really good! I would like to use the diagrams about "Web 1.0", "Client-side RIA" and "Server-side RIA", last one also without the lock shown (I saw this in an older presentation). Would it be possible to upload these diagrams as bitmaps or in a PDF? This would be great! Indeed you already uploaded a PDF, but because of the background I can't use it...

Best regards

Posted on 5/11/11 5:21 PM.
I linked to original Keynote slides above. You can copy the diagrams from there (with animations and all if you like).
Posted on 5/19/11 8:36 PM in reply to Ralf Straßner.