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A scalable and optimized Web Application Firewall built with Vaadin

United Security Providers - ICT

USP Secure Entry Server® (USP SES) is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that's listed in the Gartner WAF Magic Quadrant. It offers web application protection, authentication and authorization features including Single Sign On and Federation, all in one optimized and scalable product.

No cutting corners when it comes to security

The UI for USP SES is written in Vaadin, to ensure not only security but also high usability – both inside the product itself but more importantly for the products helping protect from the outside world. It has an easy-to-use graphical web user interface, support for pre-built templates, configuration changes at runtime without downtime, and other powerful tools, such as elastic search for log analysis. USP SES makes it a joy to realize complex web access management use cases.

Vaadin as the frontend UI

Besides Vaadin Framework, the configuration based UI is based on a multi-tier architecture using Spring and Spring Data in the business and data layers. Using Vaadin allowed USP to develop a modern looking new UI with Java of which they had plenty of knowledge in the development team. Besides offering a vast number of already existing widgets, it also allowed USP to develop custom tailored widgets to fit their specific needs.

The tight collaboration with the Vaadin developers led to a fast and satisfying result for our custom widget!

- Lukas Funk, Product Owner


A fully integrated platform to benefit the customers ecosystem

United Security Providers closes the gaps in your network and application security. With over 100 specialists located in Bern, Zurich, London and Minsk and a wide international sales and partner network, United Security Providers is one of the leading IT security vendors in Europe. An ever-increasing number of customers has placed its trust in collaboration with United Security Providers since 1994. These include many financial service providers, hospitals, computing centres, administrations and multinational industrial, energy and logistics companies.