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Web CPMS is a web-based intranet solution. It is open and flexible, was developed in Java and is based on standards and open source libraries. The application is used in Information Technology, Internet Software and Services of the Basque Country Public Administration.  
Web CPMS is aimed to manage different services and content templates by authorized personnel, making the content and services edition via rich text editors easier, linking content and services to each other. After editing the content, the application stores and publishes it using a Java-based indexing and publishing technology. This way, the organization has full internet presence, enabling the access to the administration services and promoting the active participation of citizens.
Additional administration tools are provided, such as resources management and content and service linker, in order to improve the client productivity.

" Three years ago we made the decision to refactor the old content management system user interface, for that reason we look for different frameworks such as richfaces, zk, pure GWT and finally we found Vaadin that allows us to create rich web applications using a server-side event-based model, so we were able to implement a single page interface model. Moreover, the applications are developed entirely using Java code, no need to use Javascript or Html, and the learning curve was negligible so our development team quickly started generating components and widgets. "
- Iñaki Ayerbe, Biblomatica -


Bilbomática S.A. is an ICT Consulting and Services company with a solid position in the IT market, and specialized in providing solutions and services for the Local, National and European Public Administration.

Bilbomática's wide range of solutions and services includes specialized ICT consultancy and long experience in the definition, design and implementation of complex IT systems.