UI implementation for JVx

UI implementation for JVx

Austria ICT

The Vaadin UI implementation is a complete implementation of JVx‘ UI definition. This means that the developers are able to develop applications that will run as web applications in browsers with Vaadin, on desktop with swing or both – without changes. Following the principle of write once run anywhere, it‘s possible to create backend applications with a modern and nice looking front end. Create an application and decide which functionality should be available in the web frontend and which should only be available in the backoffice (desktop) application.

Our solution allows single-sourcing application development. You write your application once and run it anywhere without source code changes. It's enough to start the application with Vaadin to use it with html5 in modern web browsers. And if you want a desktop variant, simply start it as swing application. The application is always the same. The use case is simple. Imagine you have an application that is used for internal holiday planning. The application itself can be a standard swing/desktop application without fancy styling (= backend), but you need an online form or online reporting for your employees to enter vacation requests. This part of the application should be fancy and styled.

SIB Visions GmbH
SIB Visions GmbH is an Austrian software company providing open source software and commercial products based on an open source software. SIB Visions creates and maintains the open source application framework JVx.
JVx is a full-stack framework that facilitates the development of professional and efficient database applications, in a short time and using little source code.