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TERM (Total Enterprise Risk Manager) is a business solution for public and private organizations. The application is an Enterprise Risk Management solution with modern Graphical User Interface (GUI) and interactive graphics including the functionalities depicted by ISO 31000 to assist the implementation of Governance, Risk management, and Compliance (GRC) principles and processes into its culture and operations.

TERM provides value for its stakeholders by addressing threats and opportunities and by integrating risk management with the strategic planning process. TERM helps to maximize the risk information flow within the enterprise, ensures effective monitoring and reporting, facilitates compliance with laws and regulations, and helps avoid damage to the enterprise's reputation and associated consequences. It allows implementation of a conscious risk/reward understanding within the overall organization.

"We selected Vaadin since we had a small team and limited time - the possibility to do everything in Java was the trigger. When we saw the examples and showcases we were turned on. The choice proved to be right! We delivered the solution much faster than expected. We aimed high regarding the quality of the application. With everything written in Java using Vaadin the required quality was met with absolutely no hassle!"
- Kjell Garatun-Tjeldstö, SwissNor-

SwissNor was founded by a Swiss - Norwegian team to respond to the need for top quality service in the field of Enterprise Risk Management. Our goal is to bring Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution to a new level of ease of use, enable broad distribution within organizations and allow a continuous risk management implementation. We offer a user-friendly, modern and interactive ERM software tool and expert guidance to help corporations optimize their competitive advantage.