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TellAbout - complete solution for family and group albums

TellAbout is a private, digital bookshelf for story albums created together. It provides truly private digital photo albums for families and groups. The album can be created, updated and viewed together with photos, media and written stories. Creating stories and participation is made easy so that everyone in the group can collaborate.

TellAbout provides a complete solution for family and group albums. TellAbout albums are photo albums with the focus on storytelling. For memories to be formed and enjoyed later on, it's important to tell them in the form of stories, not mere pictures.

TellAbout makes it easy to collect, enjoy and update the stories together with your family, friends or other groups and preserve them in digital albums. Together the group can enjoy and add stories including photos, audio, videos and text to the album. Creating stories and participation is made easy so that everyone in the group can collaborate. No installations are required.

TellAbout provides full privacy for the customers. Albums stay in full control of the customer and are not made available for advertisers and profilers. Instead of limiting the service for certain devices, we are offering the solution for all devices: albums can be updated and viewed with smart phones, tablets, and laptops or desktop computers. TellAbout albums are always with you regardless of time and place. In addition to the digital albums being available on all devices, it is possible to download them separately as elegant digital books in PDF format. TellAbout allows customers to concentrate on the content instead of worrying about the layout. TellAbout albums can be created, enjoyed and viewed in many forms – both together and on your own.

"Vaadin has provided us what we were looking for. It has enabled us to develop our product easily and provided support for different browsers and devices."
- Ristomatti Partanen, CEO , Path4More -
Path 4More Oy
Path 4More is a rising Finnish software startup that develops digital experiences. We use technology to bring forth the best parts of human life: togetherness, sharing and creativity. Our TellAbout provides the complete solution for family and group albums.

Three founders started the company in 2012. The company has stayed true to the initially chosen subject, and managed to collect learning that allow us today present the complete solution for family and group albums. The dream team was formed in the end of 2013. Our team currently consists of five committed members, and we all concentrate on the development and launch of TellAbout. TellAbout has received initial private funding and public funding from Tekes for the product development and market research.