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Finland's largest fast food chain

Hesburger is Finland's largest fast food chain operating in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, and Turkey with more than 400 restaurants. The family-owned company portrays an inspiring success story in the fast food business. Dating back to its early days, Hesburger has always relied on good customer service, reliability, ambition, and entrepreneurship. A wide selection of tasty food on the menu – including the most talked-about mayonnaise in town – along with competitive offers attract a growing number of fans both in Finland and abroad.

Vaadin TestBench goes hamburger

Vaadin TestBench is a tool for automated user interface testing of web applications on all platforms and browsers. It helps build pixel-perfect tests using friendly Java APIs and and the tests can be run over and over again. Hesburger tests the UI of their back-end system with the Vaadin TestBench and Hesburger is confident that it is the right tool for testing the UI.

"One of the major benefits of using TestBench is the fact that Vaadin knows TestBench and TestBench knows Vaadin. In other words, our development team can rely on the tool as it is specifically targeted for user interfaces built with Vaadin. Being integrated into the Vaadin framework, TestBench has saved us time in the development process - for instance, Vaadin components are easily accessible."

Hesburger / Megavest Oy
Hesburger's delicious history dates back to 1966 when Heikki Salmela and his wife Kirsti founded Kievari Grilli in Naantali. In the 1970s, the hard-working entrepreneurs set their sights on Turku where the budding company enjoyed enormous popularity among the locals, particularly at a location known as Puutorin Grilli.

In the 1980s, fast food gained an even stronger presence in Finland, with honest-to-goodness fast food restaurants becoming an integral part of the street scene. This new trend also resulted in the first Hesburger restaurant which was opened in 1980 in the then-new Hansa shopping centre.

Hesburger is a registered trademark owned by a Finnish parent company, Burger-In Oy.
Burger-In Oy is owned and operated by the Salmela family. The Chairman of the Burger-In Oy Board of Directors is the company founder Heikki Salmela. Kari Salmela serves as CEO and Jari Vuoti as Deputy CEO of Burger-In Oy.