T-Systems Workflow

T-Systems Workflow

Hungary ICT

T-Systems Workflow is a customizable workflow system aiming to serve as the solution for all the company's workflow needs. The T-Systems Workflow Admin is the administration console of the workflow solution. The system is executing process models expressed as standard BPMN XML files.

Apart from executing the BPMN process model, it focuses on the execution of human tasks specified in the workflow model. At every step where the process model requires an interaction with a human, a set of input/output data can be specified. Forms can be modeled with different data types, widget types, data validation, conditional expressions, field visibility and read-only/mandatory status and so on. Documents can also be generated at these steps.

It also handles the user management of the system, with users, groups, organizational units and roles. Fine grained access management is also part of the system, so that the assignment of different tasks to specific users or groups, the visibility of the individual data is precisely controlled.

The system was conceived so that every internal process the company has implemented could be executed in this generic workflow system, so the multitude of previous process specific workflow solutions could be replaced with it, reducing the fragmentation.

Innometa | T-Systems Hungary
Innometa is a small software development company based in Budapest, Hungary. It does custom software development projects for various companies in the IT, telecom and financial industries.

T-Systems Hungary is the largest Hungarian service provider that can cover the entire range of ICT technologies. The company in the 100 percent ownership of Magyar Telekom has a clientele comprising large corporations and public sector institutions, to whom they supply ICT solutions using the latest technological advances and business trends.