Germany Retail and wholesale

spar-radar is a Location Based Service which is available as a website and as a mobile app. spar-radar shows all special offers and saving opportunities in users' surrounding. Offers are available in 8 different categories: Lunch Special, Food & Drinks, Happy Hour, Entertainment, Beauty & Wellness, Factory Outlets, Shopping and Miscellaneous. Users can insert the offers themselves, they can search, rate, comment and save offers, follow other users, take part on competitions and share the offers they like on social networks. Vaadin was used for the website implementation. We used several add-ons like GoogleMapsWidget, JCaptchaField, Geolocation, GoogleAnalyticsTracker, AddThis.

"The whole project was implemented in Java, therefore we chose Vaadin. This allowes us to create complex websites in a familiar environment. The availability of a large variety of add ons helped us to enhance the website functionality with little effort. Also the community is very active, responsible and helpful." -Anton Klotz, founder and CTO of akibu GmbH-

About akibu GmbH
akibu GmbH was founded 2010. They are specialists for local and mobile commerce and spar-radar is their very first project.