Siisti Biitsi

Siisti Biitsi

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Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association is a nationwide non-profit organisation, active in environment protection in many fields: waste collection, recycling, information and education. During May 2014, the association arranged a two week campaign, the Siisti Biitsi project (loosely translated as ‘Clean Beaches').

Along with the Clean Beaches project, the association needed a mobile application to enhance the impact of their efforts. The mobile application enables one individual, a group or a team to mark their collected waste via the application to the project and eventually share it through social media.

"We wanted to find a partner that makes good-looking web applications and decided to go with Vaadin. Co-operation so far has been fun, easy-going and Vaadin made our abstract idea come true. Co-operation has been very fruitful." Jenny Gustafsson says from Keep the Archipelago Tidy organisation.

"The project was based on Vaadin TouchKit, which allowed us to build a very nice UI incredibly fast. As a bonus, it works on all modern mobile devices, as well as desktops, out of the box." says Thomas Mattson, project manager and Vaadin Expert from Vaadin.

The application is provided for free to everyone through the project homepage; it is also open source and can be found on GitHub. It was part of pro-bono work from Vaadin. The UI design was done primarily for phones, but the app also works on tablets and desktops. The key design points were usability and development speed. To that end, the app uses the tried and tested combination of MVP, CDI and EJB3, with JPA for persistency.


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