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SHIVA is a Product Information Management System that can be used in almost any industry sector - it is particularly useful for industries with a wide array of products and frequently changing product characteristics, especially for configurable products.

PIM-systems (Product Information Management) are a classification of software products that support the global identification linking and synchronization of product information across heterogeneous data sources in enterprises for the purpose of multi-channel publishing. With SHIVA you can easily and dynamically handle marketing relevant product characteristics and define their output in different channels, like E-catalogs, websites, catalogs or mobile solutions.

What distinguishes SHIVA from competitors, is its beautiful and productivity-focused interface that allows users to happily work but only takes the necessary time! Its great flexibility brings the users the possibility to handle the uncountable amount of products and an uncountable amount (billions) of variants, without IT intervention or support.

Technology overview

  • Database: Oracle
  • Core: Java – Spring - Hibernate
  • Client: Vaadin

Why did you chose Vaadin?

"It was very easy to work in an event driven framework to build a very complex UI, from the developer point of view it was as easy as developing a swing application"
- Esteban Flores, Senior Engineer - 

"Due to the large size of the Vaadin community and its presence in international congresses, we are convinced of the sustainability of this technology. This helped us in the decision to use Vaadin"
- Jurij Mukherjee, Team Leader -

Netzgiganten IT Solutions GmbH
IT-professionals with marketing Expertise

The „Netzgiganten" combine IT-expertise and an excellent knowledge of processes with a long standing marketing know-how. Apart from web-based software systems for marketing, there are further core areas in consulting (process consulting, process design), application management as well as GUI design.

The „Netzgiganten" work for enterprises listed on the stock exchange as well as owner-operated medium-sized companies. We count Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, EvoBus, Dekra, Belden, Mafell and Maquet among our customers.