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SentiOne offers services for Social Media Monitoring and Analysis. It is a powerful tool to track, control and protect the company brand image in the ever growing social media. For example 24/7 SentiOne monitors opinions and comments that appear in social media, microblogs, forums, blogs, and news sites. The monitored statements originate from social media such as Facebook, Google+, and also microblogs such as Twitter, BLIP, in addition diverse internet forums, blogs, information services and product comparison tools. Currently SentiOne monitors over 5 500 000 sites.

Whole project is Java based and managed by Maven. Vaadin application is embedded into Grails Framework and is written in Groovy language. We have chosen Vaadin because we wanted to create a powerful user interface like in Ext-JS or Adobe Flash, but it had to be easy to create, maintain and modify.  

"We use Vaadin to build advanced analytical dashboard in our web application. The technology is easy to learn especially if you are used to creating desktop application in Swing or Windows Forms. Choosing Vaadin made our dev team more agile as even backend developers are familiar with technology and can do tasks that would normally be strictly reserved to frontend developers. In our project Vaadin is embedded into Grails application which is part of the bigger system managed by Maven. With such combination we are able to quickly create, edit and maintain sophisticated user interface."
- Michał Brzezicki,  Head of Technology -

SentiOne - leading social media services company
SentiOne is one of the leading companies in Poland providing tool for social media monitoring and analysis. Our solution give customers full knowledge about their brand presence in the Internet giving them advantages over their competitors in fields of marketing, customer support and sales. Tool is designed for public relations & brand managers and their teams to manage and analyse brand image on the web.