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"Our team is consists of Java developers so it is optimal to be able to write our frontend code in plain Java with Vaadin. Vaadin allows us to create complex user interfaces which are user friendly, maintainable and extendable!" - Primoz Grajzl, CEO 

SentinelColud is a medical cloud for collected data from our device placed on the human wrist. Products we are developing have one goal, to give people a faster way of diagnosing an illness and using advanced technologies for preventive purposes. We are developing software and hardware in health care especially in the areas of dermatology, health monitoring, early warning system for health and fitness applications.

Our products combine latest technology and health care knowledge to help prevent and detect illness in early stage. Products are developed of high skilled IT experts and specialized doctors on their area.

In addition we are developing a Pilot Monitoring System called "FlySentinel". In the past years we have witnessed considerable development in the general aviation technology regarding navigation and flight monitoring systems. However very few efforts have been made to integrate pilot monitoring in the on-board systems. Since general aviation is expanding and PPL pilots are getting older and with more and more comorbidities it is safe to speculate on-board pilot monitoring systems would contribute significantly to pilot and flight safety.


Medicoapps d.o.o.
MEDICO APPS is founded in 2014.

Our main objective is to develop FlySentine, Pilot Monitorih System that will monitor pilots psychophysical condition. We invited different companies for co-operation on the project, each specialized in their field.