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The Remote User Monitor Station (RUMS) is a web portal created to facilitate certain NASA air traffic research experiments by allowing researchers to interact with the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research Platform (UASRP) in the Distributed Simulation Research Lab (DSRL) of the SimLabs group at NASA Ames Research Center.

RUMS is a Vaadin application that allows authenticated users to monitor an experiment in real-time outside of the DSRL environment, and allows users to download research data from the UASRP server on-demand. The RUMS client features a live display showing the DSRL simulated air traffic in real-time. RUMS also enables user interaction with other components of the UASRP such as a SQL database. In addition, RUMS provides simulation status information as well as graphical representations of statistical measures regarding aircraft separation and traffic collision avoidance data.

From the RUMS user's perspective, using the Vaadin framework enables researchers to access the UASRP in the simplest possible way: with only a web browser, without special plug-ins, and without placing any other installation or usage dependency requirements on the user's end. From the application's architecture, development, and maintenance point of view Vaadin leverages our in-house Java expertise and allows us to take full advantage of the rich Java library APIs.

George Soler, Aerospace Software Architect, SAIC

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