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By combining quantitative modelling tools and fundamental research QCR has developed a new credit evaluating methodology and a financial software called RiskAware. This new model can help portfolio managers at hedge funds to identify mispriced assets on the credit markets and the banking application of the new methodology can support banks to calculate, monitor and stress test credit profile of their portfolios more efficently. RiskAware is a Java EE application where a complex EJB 3 business layer serves the nice Vaadin based UI.

QCR is a London based credit research and risk advisory firm focusing on improving risk management in the financial sector.

"Compared to other web application frameworks Vaadin gives the best programming model for a Java developer. Moreover, Vaadin components are not just easy to use but look really great." - Sandor Kocso, Technology Lead

About Quantitative Credit Research
We believe that in order to make the right decisions in lending and risk management one needs to have a clear vision about the risks relating to the portfolio. Having large number of assets in the balance sheet without automatic mechanisms to measure risk, it is hard to follow Expected Losses in changing macroeconomic environment. Challenges can only be overcome if the full magnitude of the problem is revealed and raising awareness is the first step to solve a problem. In order to manage risk, one needs to be able to measure it precisely on and individual and portfolio level considering prevailing macroeconomic assumptions.

QCR's new credit rating tool (RISKAWARE) provides an integrated, next-generation solution to enhance the measuring, handling and administering of credit risk. It can model the effects of any macroeconomic shocks on the whole portfolio considering borrower and deal specific factors.