Real Estate Portal

Real Estate Portal

Denmark ICT

The Real Estate Portal is a solution for the second largest Scandinavian insurance company Gjensidige. The solution handles the process of ordering a building inspection in relation to a house sale, connecting the building inspector with the seller and policyholder as well as offering owner change insurances.

When selling a private real estate in Denmark it is by law mandatory to have the building inspected for electric and constructional issues. It is furthermore mandatory for the seller to present an owner change insurance policy to the new owner. The Real Estate Portal connects the seller, through the realtor, with the building inspector as well as automatically creation and underwriting of policy quotes to the seller. The application offers insurance case handlers a work list with outstanding tasks. A case overview, giving the user a simple overview of the order as well as the state of the order. Furthermore it offers statistics of open tasks in the system.

Vaadin was an excellent choice for building rich web application with support for enterprise UI components and very great transaction model combined with Spring and Hibernate.

Process Factory
Process Factory is a Danish IT consultancy company delivering custom-based insurance applications for the Nordic insurance industry. Process Factory has a strong focus on integration and business process management in the general P & C (Property & Casualty) insurance industry.