Switzerland Financial and insurance

PKWebASR is a modern pension fund solution out of the cloud, for small and middle pension funds. Everywhere and unlimited usage. PKWebASR is an RIA (rich internet application) which supports pension funds in order to administrate all insured persons. This includes administering a variety of personal data, address data, salary information, insurance plan data and so forth. Of course, the majority of all data is administered on a timeline axis.

PKWebASR establishes the highest online banking security, which is met for authentication and encryption of data communications. A two-factor authentication is an integral part of the security strategy and can be individually configured for each user. In this case, you get a one-time password delivered to your cell phone, which you enter in addition to your user name and password.

In the information cockpit essential information is shown about the persons of the active mandatory. Context-specific actions facilitate the daily work by offering possibilities to jump to master data and booking forms. The search form makes it easy to quickly find the desired person.

Automated processing, such as changing the year, performance record creation, annual bookings, etc., can be easily performed with optimally aligned processing programs. At the end of each process you will receive a detailed protocol, which you can optionally export. Additionally jump options are offered.

One of the other advantages of PKWebASR is the free parameterization of the entire calculation of the bookings. Every pension fund in Switzerland has its own regulations and insurance plans. With PKWebASR it is possible to define, script and therefore compute individual regulations. The integrated programming interface enables the mapping of any plans. All calculation routines are available in JavaScript and can be customized according to individual client-specific needs.

The designs of all reports are based on Word templates. Thus, you have full freedom to work with well-known tools, to modify them according to your ideas. Allcalculations can also be adjusted in a freely accessible scripting language to suit your needs.

"With the web application framework Vaadin it was possible to create a rock solid internet application based on the newest technologies. This framework led us to focus on our business, creating tailor made software for our customers, and let Vaadin handle various technical details such as browser compatibility and client/server communication."

solution factory ag
solution factory ag is a swiss software company. We provide tailor made software to our clients. We are specialized in creating rich internet applications (RIA) and sophisticated Windows-Applications. We also connect heterogeneous application-systems and make them talk to each other. Data migrations and scripting for ABACUS ERP (enterprise resource planning) is also a part of our knowledge portfolio. We look back at a lot of different successful projects which has given our customers key competitive advantages.