Spain Aerospace

PERSEO is an internal web application with the goal of making air-traffic and air-navigation related information as accessible and intuitively explorable as possible to a wide variety of users with different skill sets, knowledge and objectives.

Backed by a large database, unifying dozens of different sources of information, PERSEO aims to make air-traffic related performance data measurable and easily accessible. Raw information is analyzed and summarized with different levels of granularity and the web interface provides an intuitive and central means to access and explore this information. Choosing the web as an interface means it is easily accessible from any computer and always up to date and its main objective is nothing less than to let the end-user analyze past, present and future air traffic performance at different levels and if necessary, drill down from a multi-year summary to the actual flight or incident on a specific day at a specific time that caused a certain blip in the data. Custom visualizations add further to the experience by allowing the user to interact with the data in order to create a variety of what-if scenarios and analyze their effects in real-time.

In a collaboration with Vaadin Ltd., a version of PERSEO, which had been in use for several years and continuously grown ever since, has been migrated to an updated technology stack while receiving a complete UI overhaul with many simplifications and improvements on the way and implementing more complex features that had out-grown the capabilities of the technologies in use at that time.

CRIDA (Centro de Referencia de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación ATM) is a non-profit research entity established by Aena, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and INECO. CRIDA's mission is to perform R&D activities geared towards improving the safety, capacity, economic efficiency and the environmental performance of the Spanish air navigation system as part of the global network.

The Aena Group is a group of companies devoted to airport management and the provision of air navigation services, managing 46 airports in Spain and 24 more airports around the world and being Europe's fourth largest provider of air navigation services.