Banking system agree

Banking system agree

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Fiducia - Leading IT services provider in Germany

The Fiducia group is one of the leading IT service providers in Germany, as well as an IT competence center. With the Agree banking system, Fiducia provides an ultramodern integrated core banking system now used by 715 banks. Fiducia also supports 97,000 workstations in banks and manages 67 million accounts. Our computer center processes 19.3 bn transactions per year, and the printing and mailing center processes 762million DIN-A4 pages per year.

Fiducia has 2,600 employees, and in 2014 the turnover amounted to € 699 M.

eBanking solution for B2B and B2C

Under the project 'Pavo', Fiducia's B2B application provides Web based user interfaces (Web UI) for use in the back office system for cooperative banks , such as Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken. The back office system is called agree Bankarbeitsplatz, in short "agree BAP". The B2C application provides an eBrokerage-system for the customers of the cooperative banks.
The backoffice system is designed for bank employees to complete their business cases and The eBrokerage system helps customers of the German cooperative banks with their stock trading.

Why Vaadin?

With Vaadin's Web-Framework we have the chance to develop multi-channel use cases. These can be used in various business applications. For the backoffice system which runs on tablets or desktop PCs, as well as for the eBanking/eBrokerage- application which runs on desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets.

"Fiducia's corporate strategic plan includes that in the future we develop all user interfaces with RIA/HTML5-technology. Also we want to achieve a high level of reuse between the different channels (B2B, B2C) and different device types." 

- Gerd Müller, Chief department manager Software Architecture -

Technology stack

Java, Spring, Guava, Vaadin


To see the solution, please see the demo video

Fiducia IT AG
Fiducia IT AG is a German IT-service provider based in Karlsruhe. The company is the largest among its kind in the co-operative financial association (FinanzGruppe). Its core business is financial IT-services for the co-operative banks.