Belgium ICT

The goal of the PACE project is to build a user interface for notaries so they can work on a variety of types of dossiers. The project is executed for the Belgian "Dienst Administratieve Vereenvoudiging," or Service for Administrative Simplification.

Notaries' dossiers are complex in the sense that they require the integration of data from several authentic sources, such as the person's registry, the cadastre, and others. The integration of these sources is handled by a back-end service integration layer. The user interface for the viewing and editing of these data is done using Vaadin components.

The choice for Vaadin was made due to the event-driven nature of the user interface requirements, where different use cases are implemented, depending on simple choices the user makes in the user interface.

The PACE application is an example of a service-oriented integration, for which Vaadin components are ideally suited as a user interface.

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