New Procountor

New Procountor

Finland Financial and insurance

Friendly Accounting Software

Procountor is a user-friendly financial management software. The cloud-based software has been developed to meet the financial management needs of SMEs from preparation of sales invoices and dispatch to ledger, receiving, recycling and payment of purchased invoices. It also includes payroll management, travel and expense claims, reporting, accounting and much more. With over 10 000 customers and more than 400 accounting offices Procountor is the leading Finnish financial management software.

Migration from Swing to the web with Vaadin

ProCountor's migration started in 2013 from a Java Applet version of the application built in 2003. In the project it was decided early on to re-use as much as possible of the existing code-base and maintain interoperability between the Swing implementation (earlier AWT) by hiding the components themselves from the development team under an abstraction layer of generic UI components. The current Vaadin based solution then wrote implementations for the components that replaced the Swing implementations and by reusing 100% of the existing back-end.

"When Apple dropped support for their own JVM, we had to start supporting a Swing version of our app as well. The abstraction layer made it a natural choice for us to do the same with Vaadin, knowing that the API was so similar to both Swing and AWT. And that's what we did. Quite successfully I might add."
- Lauri Lehtonen, CTO

Why Vaadin?

Procountor evaluated a few different frameworks and approaches before going with Vaadin. Their main criteria were that they wanted a full Java solution, for which reason the main competitor ZK lost. Vaadin also offered hands-on help with a proof of concept and later on on-demand help. Reusing a lot of the existing code also played a large role in going with Vaadin. The solution also leverages Vaadin Charts and Vaadin TestBench for testing the application. Taking into account the vastness of the application and developing an existing version in parallell, going from desktop to web in 2 years is a large accomplishment.

You can take a look at the new Procountor and latest features on a short intro video

Procountor Oy
Procountor Oy is a leading Finnish provider of electronic financial management software and services. They provide their customers with financial management software and comprehensive additional services over the Internet through a single contract. Procountor software is already used by more than 10 000 SMEs and more than 400 accounting offices.