mySync DM

mySync DM

Finland ICT

mySync DM is a versatile mobile device management service with security, data management, inventory and application management features. Some platforms also have location services. Our role-based WebUI is created with Vaadin. Try it out yourself, the consumer version is free!

"We chose Vaadin for WebUI development due to its versatile feature-set, extensibility, helpful community, and flexible licensing. Once you find the best, why look further :-)"
-- Kari Mattsson, Founder, Sync Corp.

About Sync Corp
Sync Corp. is a technology company developing multi-platform mobile device management and related technologies. We are located in Turku, Finland with customers currently in Europe, Asia and Africa. Sync Corp. is also the home of mySync DM, a cloud-based mobile device management and data sychronisation platform. Sync Corp. is originally a spin-off from IT consulting company Trivore Corp. In addition to mobile software, Sync Corp. works with modern health-care IT projects.