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myCase is customer access of eligibility automation or the landing page for customers to conduct their business as it relates to eligibility. This allows customers to follow their case status 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no phone call needed.

"Vaadin allows us to create rich web applications using a server-side event-based model. It makes developing web-apps simple and enjoyable. No hassles with HTML, XML, Javascript or CSS. Although these technologies are very well supported, Vaadin is all about creating cool AJAX applications using server-side Java. This allows us to take full advantage of our Java IDE to write, debug and refactor code. Excellent support for portlet development (specifically Liferay) is also an important reason we chose Vaadin." - Gordon Augat, Chief Architect / Developer

About Utah (DWS) Department of Workforce Services
Our goal is to help you improve your situation by participating in Utah's economy. Whether you're an employer looking for qualified workers, someone looking for a job, or someone interested in services like unemployment benefits, food stamps, financial assistance, or child care-- we have a lot to offer.