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Ariadne application is an inventory and safety management tool for chemical laboratories. Adriane's users are researchers in the fields of chemistry and life sciences. At the moment, the development team at Moleculenix are adding capabilities to enable collaboration between teams of researchers, as well as a fully-featured electronic lab notebook (ELN).

Research groups, scientists in industrial or academic environments face the similar challenges during the R&D processes. Adriane's users are researchers in the fields of chemistry and life sciences.

"A typical academic or industrial research group has a stockroom with 1000 - 10,000+ commercial chemicals. The chemicals are hazardous materials, and a major investment at ~$100 per container. Safety rules for storage segregation and regulatory reporting are not always followed. Money is wasted on re-ordering chemicals that were misplaced. Time is wasted on searching for chemicals. Our application aims to solve these problems, saving our customers money and making their workspaces safer."
-Dr. Valentin O. Rodionov, Founder at Moleculenix Inc.-

The team at Moleculenix has extensively employed GWT (Google Web Toolkit) in their application. GWT is a development toolkit for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications. "One of the coolest things about Ariadne is our GWT widget for drawing and displaying chemical structures. It works in all major browsers (including IE8), and is touch-savvy when running on iOS and Android. The decision to develop it in GWT allowed us to develop and deploy the component quickly, and to include more chemist-friendly features than any of the competing products. Of course, Vaadin made it extremely easy to integrate GWT/Javascript part with our Java/PostgreSQL back-end."

Moleculenix - reliable software partner in chemistry and life sciences
Moleculenix is a company developing next-generation software for managing information in chemistry and life sciences. The focus areas are Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S), Inventory, E-Lab Notebooks, and Collaboration. Moleculenix's industry-leading Inventory, EH&S, and Structure Input products are used by some of the top academic, government and industrial laboratories.