Finland Services

JAMIX web is a web interface to the main products, JAMIX food and JAMIX stock. The main software are JAMIX food, JAMIX stock, JAMIX fpm (food production management), JAMIX catering, JAMIX tables, TILAX. Through this web interface users can manage recipes, menus and perform inventory for food stocks. Through JAMIX fpm web order interface users can make catering orders to JAMIX fpm product. 

TilaxInfo is a digital signage application for touch screen devices for our TILAX application. Vaadin gives us an excellent toolkit for building a cross-browser, good-looking interface, which can be used on mobile devices as well.

"Vaadin is an excellent tool for building desktop-like web user interfaces. Vaadin is a well-documented open-source technology with an active community. It is very easy to learn. Building Vaadin user interfaces, is just like building Java Swing interface to the web. Wide add-on libraries, sowe don't have to build everything own. It is not only excellent, it is also Finnish, just like our company." - Béla Borbely, Developer at Jamix Oy

JAMIX is a Finnish software company specializing in applications for professional kitchens and staff restaurants, internal logistics and facility bookings. Our clients are mainly from food service industry (HoReCa), but our software serves also major insurance and banking, construction and technology companies. Founded in 1991, JAMIX has over 1000 clients, from small businesses to large international corporations.