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From different working patterns to new insights

1. Marcus Hellberg 2. Nico Hållfast 3. Risto Yrjänä 4. Mikael Grankvist 5. Anna Koskinen 6. Mikko Nurmi 7. Johannes Tuikkala The Nordic insurance company If Insurance wanted to take a leap into a customer-centered approach in its IT solution, and at the same time develop it in a more agile way. If worked in close cooperation with Vaadin and its experts to create a modular system to suit the environment insurance sales people work in. The user-friendly solution naturally models the dialogue between the insurance sales agent and the customer.

The main goals for the new system were ease of use, customer orientation, and intuitiveness. The technical solution was created to complement real sales situations in a way that considers customers' needs first rather than just the products' features.
– Vaadin's main role in the project was to offer a technical perspective to the process. The project began with a technical evaluation. The new IT solution was developed based on actual business processes that were studied beforehand. Before starting actual development, a pilot was conducted on one product line, tells If's Head of Strategy Unit P&T Private Minna Lehtonen.

Thinking, learning, doing

The project proceeded with the principles of agile development. This meant that the focus could be changed according to the client's needs throughout the process. At the same time, it allowed users to became familiar with the new system as it was built.
– Building a project in small increments saves both time and effort. The goals are met more easily when we are able to discuss the solution with the customer during the development process, says Vaadin Expert and Project Manager Marcus Hellberg. He continues: – The challenge in this project has been combining new and old technologies behind a coherent and easy-to-use interface. The focus has been on creating an intuitive system built up of re-usable modules.
– The new system allows sales personnel to work more efficiently with customers. From the IT- department's point of view, the system has meant development of new modules, which can later be used in other applications as well, Lehtonen sums up.

Emphasizing reliability and commitment

– The cooperation with Vaadin has run smoothly. The team consists of enthusiastic and innovative people, who have a true passion for finding the right solutions. We managed to unite both our and Vaadin's team in carrying out the process to achieve a common goal, says Lehtonen.
– Cooperation – both with the client and among our own team – is the keyword in constructing a successful solution. There has to be a clear understanding inside the team of the fact that we are all building the same system. And this understanding should, of course, relate closely to the client's perception and experience, Hellberg says.
– To me, the best part of the project is to manage the big picture, because it allows you to bring together the right people in various phases of the work. Great insights will come up all the time. Vaadin is like a toolbox, you also need people that really know how to use the tools to build something great.

About If insurance
If is the leading property and casualty insurance company in the Nordic region as well as to Nordic customers with international operations. Today we have approximately 3.6 million customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries.