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UK Financial and insurance

AR-12 is a comprehensive debt management and enforcement system, designed to manage the client's entire business efficiently and intelligently. In brief, the system manages the legally-approved collection of debts (from parking tickets etc.) by a fleet of field agents that visit the debtors to take payments. AR-12 sorts and automatically evaluates client cases according to history, socio-economic status, location, property, and vehicle data and then calculates the optimal time for an agent to visit the debtor. By combining the real-time GPS locations of agents in the field and the scoring data on cases, AR-12 then allocates the cases to agents, amending their schedules on-the-fly as new and urgent cases come in. Field agents update the central systems on their progress using a custom-built Android app and controllers in the head office monitor control screens that automatically flag issues and cases for human attention. The system has delivered almost a 50% increase in productivity of field agents since go-live.

AR-12, as well as all other Haulmont solutions, was developed on CUBA - the company's proprietary JAVA-based development platform. CUBA in turn uses Vaadin to implement web interface, as Vaadin provided the most powerful functionality and flexible API to integrate client-side JavaScript components with the server-side application code. v

The success of AR-12 was recognised by the Chartered Institute for IT and Computing Magazine which named the solution ‘Best Project dependent on Mobile Technology' at the UK IT Industry Awards 2012.

As a result of the positive experience in developing applications using CUBA and Vaadin, Haulmont made a decision to launch the platform as a public product, and now it is available to all Java developers at


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Haulmont Technology is a software development consultancy with 100+ developers and offices in London, UK and Samara, Russia. Alongside the CUBA platform, Haulmont offers Sherlock - a fully featured booking and dispatch system for the taxi industry, and Thesis, a comprehensive task and document management solution. The company also offers bespoke enterprise IT systems and smart decision-making solutions providing automated real-time resource allocation, proven in such companies as Addison Lee, Europe's largest minicab firm.