Global Servers Load Balancing

Global Servers Load Balancing

Italy ICT is a cloud-based highly reliable Global Server Load Balancing solution that provides DNS-based geographical traffic balancing, failover, high availability and geographical routing. Datacenters, servers and applications are monitored 24/7 with application and network-level healthchecks to ensure they are correctly responding and delivering the expected level of service. is based on open source and closed-source proprietary technologies that include Vaadin as the main framework to develop the web interface which runs on top of Apache Tomcat and a backend based on a sophisticated database layer. Vaadin has been selected as the framework to build the GUI (Graphical User Interface) due to its powerful architecture, ease of use, very complete documentation and flexibility.

"When was in its early engineering stages we carried on a thorough technological scouting to select the reference framework to build the web management and configuration interface. Vaadin was our choice: easy to use but powerful, with a coherent but flexible architecture and future-proof, supporting any kind of web clients we were targeting. Another huge bonus is the ability to keep Java code plain and simple: this simplifies the development cycle saving capex and opex."
-Alessia Tornelli, CEO and founder, AT Technologies-

AT Technologies
AT Technologies is a system integration and IT consulting company
established in 2007. It delivers system integration services in the
Linux/opensource market, high availability, clustering, high performance
architectures and develops SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.

AT Technologies provides expertise and advanced solutions to support:
- performance optimization
- applications security
- continuity of service and high availability
- infrastructure development and evolution
- development and customization of existing applications and software