Canada Public administration

Gestpro is a secure Web application that allows the administrative staff, teachers and students of the Institute to find, view, print, and modify the information they need according to the permissions they have been granted. It is the core of the academic information system.

This application was built to replace an old legacy set of databases that was slow, not standardized, not easy to work with, that requested the installation of proprietary licences and software for each user. It had to be replaced by a more flexible, user-friendly, thus accurate and secure information system based on ubiquitous Web technologies.

GestPro now provides instant web access from any Web browser to a rich set of data features, including record creation, search, filtering, editing and reporting. Sophisticated data filters have been easily implemented with Vaadin « Filtering Table » component. Interfaces have been standardized throughout every module, making them definitively user-friendly. State-of-the-art data features make data entry more intuitive and effortless. Change history is also implemented in order to trace changes and roll back information if necessary.

"Vaadin's Community Forum has proved to be a valuable asset in order to assist us in overcoming a development problem that we had with an add-on. I submitted it and received several replies in the next 48 hours, not only from the community but also from the Vaadin team. The problem was solved and the bug was fixed easily."
- Julian Affaire, Java Developer, Savoir-faire Linux -

Savoir-faire Linux
Savoir-faire Linux is the leading Free/Open-Source Software company in Quebec and Canada. Since 1999, the company has developed a unique expertise which it supplies to companies and public organizations to meet the challenges of information systems in constant evolution. With a multidisciplinary team of nearly 80 consultants, it delivers services to a customer base of over 500 organizations, including Quebec and Canadian government organizations, major international agencies, industry giants, and SMEs/ SMIs.

Savoir-faire Linux is headquartered in Montreal with subsidiary offices in Quebec City and Ottawa. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, it has a strong presence in the Free Software community. Silver member of the prestigious Linux Foundation, Savoir-faire Linux provides major contributions to many free software projects. The company is also an authorized Training Partner of Red Hat, Liferay and OpenERP.