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GANA Solutions

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GANA Solutions has developed a technology platform based on Java architecture that lets you build any business solution (ad-doc) with parameter systems based on XML / XSD, constituting an independent CORE BUSINESS technology that is able to define solutions easily extensible.

Solutions built with this product does not require development factories, limiting itself to define the core business personnel with a deep knowledge of the business (Consultants, Analysts functional or customer's own staff).

This product is well suited to take on projects where time and budgets are tight, getting high-quality solutions very stable and maintain because of its simplicity of construction and its proven infrastructure. They also offer customer validation prototypes within hours without requiring any programming, enabling truly agile methodologies applied.
"Our technology platform is based on the dynamic generation of applications based on descriptors of business and therefore we needed a framework capable of dynamically generating the presentation layer we could not create such files JSP, HTML or JSF with predefined content.
 Before choosing VAADIN we evaluated other Web frameworks like JSF, GWT and ZK but chose VAADIN for the following reasons:
VAADIN allows building web applications like desktop applications, hiding the complexity of the contexts that offer other types JSF frameworks.
  2. Security was a key area and the option server / side was the most suitable.

  3. We needed to reuse much of our development in J2EE and avoid using HTML and JavaScript.

  4. We needed to build complex user interfaces and easy maintenance. VAADIN offers an extensible component architecture, Swing style, which allows us complete control over the presentation layer." 

Roberto Ranz Clemente

GANA Solutions
GANA S.L. is a company focused on building management solutions based on cutting-edge tools and a highly qualified team.

Our team consists of IT specialists and consultants with extensive experience in various sectors like Banking, Public Administration Training and Consulting.