Poland Logistics

What is it?

ETRANSIT.EU is a cloud-based, feature-rich Transportation Management System, which includes cargo management and dispatching, route planning, accounting, reporting, trucks monitoring, cloud document storage and many other features. It is designed to be a "one stop shop" for small and medium-sized transportation and logistics companies, which can register online, and start using the system with no infrastructure costs. Bigger companies can also choose a private cloud or on-premise deployment.

What is cool in the application?

ETRANSIT.EU is not a traditional data entry application with overwhelming forms containing dozens of fields. The user interface is designed to be clear and task-based, which makes the system easy to learn, and also improves the ability to react to users' intentions. The great value comes also with various integrations, including mapping & routing, telematics systems, SMS (sending and receiving) and external freight exchange, which makes ETRANSIT.EU a perfect fit for transportation industry.

Why Vaadin?

"Thanks to Vaadin, we were able to rapidly start development from the very beginning, and we're still able to add new features and refactor quickly, despite the size of the codebase. Vaadin comes with a comprehensive set of components and add-ons, which due to the consistent server side programming model are easy to learn and use. With all these advantages, Vaadin is a perfect fit for a modern web application like ETRANSIT.EU."
Sebastian Rzytki, CEO


ETRANSIT.EU Sp. z o.o.
ETRANSIT.EU Sp. z o.o. is a company founded in 2013 by software and logistics experts, with the mission to deliver advanced yet affordable software solutions to small and medium-sized transportation and logistics companies. While we achieve this goal with our cloud-based platform, we also offer private cloud and on-premise solutions for big customers. Currently our software serves a growing number of Polish and German customers, but in the near future we want to expand our business to other European countries as well.