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Have you seen the original Google's 2011 developer conference  countdown?

Would you like to create your own countdown easily?
Dot-Art is a free service to create an HTML5 countdown. It allows you to :
  • set the end date of the countdown
  • define your own colors and styles
  • define your background
  • add your own images before and after the countdown (which will explode)
  • and much more...
Finally Dot-Art allows you to generate and download the HTML and Javascript files to be able to execute locally on your workstation or with your HTTP server.Create a countdown for a birthday, the new year, the end of the world, a conference or anything: it's really easy!
No HTML5 nor Javascript knowledge is required to use it.
"Dot-Art is an editor which is used by people who have no special knowledge in software development. So I looked for a RIA framework, robust and with many widgets, to create a very good user experience. This project was also a very good opportunity to evaluate Vaadin in a real situation. No doubt I would advice everybody to use or test Vaadin now!" - Eric Taix, Architect and Java Developer -
About me
I've got 20 years of experience in software development (Standalone and Web application) and a Java enthousiast.

Passionate about technology, I firmly believes in the Java community, sharing knowledge and the expertise of teams. I participates in some opensource projects in the Java and Android ecosystem and I'm one of the JUG leader of the Montpellier Java User Group.