Domtrac - Document Process Management Application

Domtrac - Document Process Management Application

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Domtrac™ is a comprehensive, leading-edge Document Process Management application for multi-channel output, integrating mass and individual document processing. Its user-friendly graphical interface combined with a high performance process engine made Domtrac™ the solution of choice for major private and retail banks like Coutts, Esprit banking network and several Swiss Cantonal banks.

Built for Performance and Transparency

Domtrac™'s core is a high-performance scalable workflow engine, built on a robust and modular Java architecture. Its unparalleled web configuration interface, delivered by the Vaadin framework, allows users to easily create and modify document processes in the graphical workflow designer. Pre-built process modules and templates accelerate the definition of controlled processes, increase process transparency and eliminate costs and risks associated with individual software development.

Capture Data and Documents

Huge volumes of documents and data are captured directly from leading systems or input sources like hot folders, databases, scanners or print spools. Productized interfaces to leading core banking systems like Avaloq and Finnova ensure a cost-effective and low risk integration.

Document Processing

High performance workflows structure and control the document process for mass and individual output. Incoming data and documents are processed according to business rules defined in the visual workflow designer using pre-built modules for channel assignment, bundling, splitting, sorting, cover sheets or separators. Flexible document enrichment can be defined in the document modification module, e.g to apply watermarks or device specific barcodes for inserters.

Interactive Processes

The integrated Domtrac™ interactive module allows users to create dynamic forms and interactive workflows, e.g. to create individual content in related approval processes.


Multi-Channel Delivery

Domtrac™ delivers appropriately formatted documents and associated side files for a wide range of output channels. In case of traditional paper based production print, output stacks are delivered as AFP, PDF or Postscript. Side files in XML or CSV can contain meta data for archiving or electronic platforms.


"The usage of Vaadin framework allowed us to focus on the core application development without creating a vast overhead to deliver a comprehensive, state of the art web application."

Erick Lokhorst, CTO Docucom AG."

"Our long term partnership with Vaadin lead to a milestone product in our industry regarding performance, process transparency and ease-of-use. Domtrac™ enables customers to reduce costs and mitigate risks compared to individual software development."

Robert Reichmuth, CEO Docucom AG

Docucom AG headquartered in Rapperswil, Switzerland, was founded 1991 by Robert Reichmuth. It became a privately held joint stock company in 1997. Since its beginning, Docucom AG was a leading Output Management System integrator and Document Process Management provider in Switzerland. Our key competencies are Domtrac™, archive migrations, DOM integrations and services mainly for the financial industry.

Docucom AG is dedicated to continuously innovate Domtrac™, our unique Document Process Management application for batch and individual output processing and increase Domtrac™'s market share in Switzerland and Central Europe.