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Devoxx, the largest Java conference in Europe, uses a Vaadin application for displaying the conference schedule on their website. The application uses the Vaadin Calendar add-on and a REST API to access the Devoxx schedule. In addition to just presenting the schedule in a convenient format, users can sign in to store their own schedules.

"When Devoxx published the conference schedule as a REST interface, we decided that it would be a nice way to showcase our Vaadin Calendar add-on and at the same time build a demo application that would actually be useful. The project started out with a simple prototype and after iterating the design with our team and also within Vaadin Team we got a final product that we can be proud of. We're very pleased with both Vaadin the company and Vaadin the framework.The application has been featured on the Devoxx website and even JFokus conference provided a compatible REST interface and we got the application featured also on their website."
- Stephan Janssen, Founder & Chairman BeJUG, Devoxx -

Devoxx - European annual Java Conference
Devoxx, that was formerly named JavaPolis, is an annual European Java conference created in 2001, organized by the Belgian Java User Group (BeJUG). The conference takes place every year around November. In 2008, the conference was renamed Devoxx. With over 3300 attendees, Devoxx 2011 was sold out 6 weeks before the event. In 2012, the conference was once again sold out the 4th of October 6 weeks before the event.

In 2012, the first edition of Devoxx France, organized by the Paris Java User Group took place from April 18th until 20th in Paris. With more than 1200 attendees and 149 speakers Devoxx France was sold out 1 week before the event.