CUBA Platform

CUBA Platform

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High level Java framework

CUBA Platform is a high level Java framework for rapid enterprise software development. It amplifies the power of mainstream open source technologies like Vaadin, Spring and EclipseLink by seamlessly integrating them and providing a rich set of features and development tools on top. The aim of CUBA is to let the developer focus on the business logic by eliminating routine and low-level work. It provides high level ready-to-use functionality like data aware visual components, generic data filter, security management, full text search, BPM, reporting engine, charts and other. This is complemented by the CUBA Studio - a visual development tool, which works in tight collaboration with your IDE. Studio lets you configure and start a project in minutes, manages build and database update scripts, generates standard UI, provides a visual screens layout designer and other tools. And it can even detect and hot deploy your code changes on the fly, similarly to JRebel.

As CUBA is intended for business software, a lot of attention is paid to scalability and openness. CUBA applications can be easily deployed in 'no single point of failure' configuration, and almost any part of the platform can be overridden - thanks to wide use of open inheritance pattern and the unique Extensions mechanism.

The platform has been developed by Haulmont since 2009, initially as an internal tool. In the following five years it has seen 5 major releases and more than 200 client implementations of different scale. Inspired by the development efficiency proven during these projects, Haulmont released CUBA as a public product, available at

Why Vaadin?

"Vaadin plays a fundamental role in the CUBA platform, providing a fast and highly functional web interface. It enables pure Java and server-side only development, making it easy to work with data model and middleware services, without restrictions in using Java features and libraries. As another benefit, its development model enabled us to create a generic server-side UI, which can be shared both by web and desktop clients, so users have a choice when working with CUBA applications. So, backed by Vaadin's Apache 2.0 license and vibrant community, the choice was a no-brainer when we started, as it remains today. It is worth mentioning that the CUBA studio user interface has been developed with Vaadin as well."

- Andrey Glaschenko, Business Development Director -

Haulmont company was formed in 2008 by the project team that delivered Addison Lee's award-winning enterprise systems. Based in London, with a 150-strong development centre in Samara, Russia, Haulmont specialises in building enterprise software that enables its clients to automate business processes and rapidly scale.