Coriell GeneDose LIVE

Coriell GeneDose LIVE

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Medication Risk Management Tool

Coriell's GeneDose™ family of products enables personalized patient care by using Vaadin. Going hand-in-hand with Coriell's GeneDose genetic medication risk report, GeneDose Live integrates Coriell's interpretations for pharmacogenomic medicine with each patient's demographics, drug regimen, lifestyle factors, and treatment goals to provide interactive insight into genetic risks, drug-to-drug interactions, harmful side effects, and other factors that influence patient safety and wellness.

Pharmacogenomics is the science that explores the effects of specific genetic variants. GeneDose™ tests the clinically relevant pharmacogenomic genes in a single, comprehensive test and GeneDose™ Genetic Response Report provides detailed pharmacogenomic results and correlative clinical effects for individuals. This insightful tool supports the physician in making scientifically reinforced treatment decisions.

Technology behind GeneDose

Aimed for physicians GeneDose guarantees a secure way to check drug interactions through its detailed reporting features. Cross-referenced with diverse diseases it allows to detect and highlight also the slightest changes and anomalies.

"Coriell Life Sciences selected Vaadin as the foundation for our GeneDose Live application to provide a fantastic user experience with an out-of-the-box, professional look and feel, on a fast development cycle, all with top-tier support and updates. Vaadin helps us focus on features and not application plumbing, and Vaadin Charts consistently "wows" everyone who sees it."
Steven Kradel Director, Product Development at Coriell Life Sciences

Coriell's developers were familiar with GWT, formerly know as Google Web Toolkit, but not wit Vaadin. "We heard about GWT earlier, and Vaadin just sounded like some random foreign language. However, we tried it out and found it amazing. The best part is that the support is always there, even Vaadin Framework evolves with a clear roadmap. Easy to be super productive without being a designer."

The key points for selecting Vaadin were:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Server push
  • Polished, "fit and feel"
  • UI development in Java avoids pitfalls of HTML layout, "pixel pushing"
  • Complex UI (nested modals, streaming file downloads, state management)

Technology description:

  • Vaadin 7.x on AWS Elastic Beanstalk (Java 8, Tomcat 8)
  • Dropwizard JAX-RS server
  • PostgreSQL, Redshift
Coriell Life Sciences
Coriell Life Sciences offers a novel approach to genomic testing. Test once, store securely, and access expert interpretations when needed. Taking advantage of the falling cost of genome sequencing, this new approach offers healthcare providers access to the world's leading experts in genomic interpretation, while delivering the concise clinical data they need for patient care.

The Coriell Life Sciences ecosystem allows healthcare providers, patients and payors to take advantage of the available sequencing technology while carving out and interpreting only that data needed for immediate use and securely storing the data for future interpretation.