Sweden ICT

The application, Comindoo, is used in companies and organisations that need to track employee work hours. For example home care services, consultants and other service companies working by the hour. It is available to anyone who need to keep track of time spent for customers, project and activities. It is sold by reseller Cornelium who handle customer care, support and training. In its current version it is geared towards home care companies delivering services to the elderly.

Comindoo gives the customer an organized way of keeping track of their projects and their activities. It uses a role based approach and users are only allowed to access data that is appropriate for their role. Managers can follow up project budgets. For home care service companies Comindoo produces specialized reports that can be sent directly to the local municipality for invoicing. This reporting save the companies lots of manual administrative work.

One of the main challenges was to find a best practice of dividing the application into layers. Finally the MVP (Model-View-Presenter) architecture, suggested by Google for building large scale GWT applications, was selected and has proved to work quite well.

Vaadin makes it possible to create a business web application without the usual pains. Instead of worrying about low level technical details you can quickly produce something that actually benefit the customer.

Spagettikod develop and provide the time tracking service Comindoo. It builds on several years of experience in Java enterprise business software, web development and database performance tuning.